Priyanka Kuumar is an experienced professional and a seasoned facilitator. She currently holds the position of Director – Strategy and Business Development at SUCCESSWRKS HR Solutions Private Limited (M/s SUCCESSWRKS), an end-to-end HR Solutions Company having pan India presence.

Priyanka is passionate about People Development and she keeps herself meaningfully engaged with this area by designing and delivering several Behavioural and Personality Development Programs.

Being a Certified Counsellor from Centre of Excellence, London UK; she works with Students and Women in various age groups and helps them address their fears, anxieties and growth needs through her counselling sessions.

She is an avid writer as well. Many of her articles and blogs have been published on various online platforms like People Matters and LinkedIn. She runs her own YouTube Channel Priyanka Kuumar which is very popular amongst youth and women. Her blogs are available on her website www.priyankakuumar.com

An alumnus of Patna University and IPW New Delhi, Priyanka also holds a Diploma in Numerology.


Skills for Life Program

I conduct workshops with students and women that help them explore their personalities and build skill-sets beyond academics and their routine lives. (Priyanka Kuumar)

This is done by mainly focusing on building:

  • Communication skills
  • Dressing etiquettes
  • Behavioural skills
  • Confidence building and
  • Unique skill development, through innovative activities and methods

I have developed a unique intervention “Skills for Life” where I take the participants on a journey from Fright to Fight and then to Flight to achieve exceptional growth and success in their lives.

Counselling Sessions

I am also a qualified counsellor with a Diploma in Counselling skills and have participated in CPD activity of counselling skills program from COE London, UK.

I help my clients overcome their problems and cope with tough situations by providing a safe, comfortable, confidential and encouraging environment with empathy, patience and respect. (Priyanka Kuumar)

Sessions cover a range of issues, such as:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Work related difficulties
  • Academic pressure
  • Anxiety

All counselling sessions are tailored to individual needs, providing personalized support through a warm and engaging therapeutic relationship.

Counselling is done;

  • Face to Face
  • Over the Telephone
  • Online; using Skype, Zoom or Hangout


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